Transformative Grief

Transformative Grief strives to reach you where you are in your grief experience: to validate, encourage and empower you to live with, grow through, and ultimately become transformed by your grief.

We don’t often get to decide if or when we grieve, but we can choose how we grieve. Grief work is hard work. The hardest. It takes guts, courage, vulnerability and openness to allow ourselves to be meaningfully transformed by our grief.

Grief is one of life’s greatest teachers. It teaches us who we are, want to be, and can become. We learn in time that we can endure what we once believed impossible. Grief introduces us to the possibility of our own resilience. Through our grief, we can learn to live with a deeper awareness and appreciation for healthy connection, meaningful growth, and intentional purpose. Grief shows us on a cellular level that change is inevitable. We can not escape loss. We can make choices and learn strategies to protect ourselves from being defined or limited by loss. With awareness, we can make choices that allow us to grow, evolve and ultimately transform. All of us are capable of making choices that push us to find deeper meaning in our lives.

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A New Year

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Making the Holidays Your Own

Happy (?) Holidays. When grieving, the holidays can feel anything but happy. If this time of year makes you feel lonely, disconnected, resentful, overwhelmed and anything but festive and joyful… breathe and get creatively empowered. [...]

  • Silence.


Silence. Those we love, no longer here. The missing sears through our souls. The pain, surreal, disorienting, pervasive. The reality that our calls and texts will remain forever unanswered.  Never again will they walk through [...]