Grief. Grief convenes unremittingly in the pit of my stomach. It resides in the depths of my soul. It moves, thick like lava, seeping slowly, painfully, through my core. It simmers incessantly in my throat as my throat tightens unsure whether to purge the grief or suffocate from it. My body trembles not from heat or cold, rather from raw emotion too immense to lie still. At times my mind races trying to accept, to understand, to KNOW. Other times my mind stops, unable to focus, unable to process, unable to accept. A grief fog so heavy, so dense, that a way through seems improbable. Tears flow. Tears defy me. Tears elude me.

The physical response of grief is real.

Like grief itself, respite eventually comes in waves.

Breathe. Even when it hurts… breathe deeply, breathe fully, breathe completely.

This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is a part of life. Let me be kind to myself in this moment. Let me give myself the compassion I need. ~ Dr. Kristin Neff

There is a time to mourn, and a time to accept; a time to rage against the fading of the light, and a time to kindle another light. ~Reflections from the Torah

Give yourself the time you need and the compassion you deserve. You will not remain in deep grief forever.