Time is fleeting. Quite literally in the blink of an eye. We often take for granted the time we have with those we love. We assume there will be another day, another opportunity to be with, speak with, share time with those we love. Experientially we begin to understand that nothing is guaranteed, most especially more time. Sadly and inevitably we are reminded that death is a part of life.

Wishing for more time, looking back with regret, engaging in magical thinking, yearning for a redo is fruitless. Instead let us do better now, and moving forward. Let us be more patient, less judging, more present, open, loving and grateful. Let us not take time for granted. Let us emulate the qualities we love and miss most and use the pain of loss as an impetus for good and for more meaningful living, loving, learning and growth. Let the love we shared heal us of our sorrow as we carry with us the never ending love and a bond so strong that it is not compromised or diminished by space or time.