Those we love, no longer here.

The missing sears through our souls.

The pain, surreal, disorienting, pervasive.

The reality that our calls and texts will remain forever unanswered. 

Never again will they walk through the door.

It is truly beyond comprehension.

We won’t find them sitting in their spot, watching their favorite show, with the television too loud. No longer will they walk through the door and ask, “What’s for dinner, How was your day, What are we doing tonight?” Never again will we hear them cheer for their favorite team, play their music, chew their food, shut the door, play their games. Sounds of them talking with their friends, singing, laughing, yelling, crying, replaced with utter stillness. 

The nuances of day to day life lost.

The soundtrack of our lives silenced.

We took for granted daily life humming in the background as we lived blissfully unaware of the assurances found in the sounds of life.

In a moment our world stops and silence seeps in.

Unbearable silence.


The complete void of sounds that once comforted, irritated, reminded us that we were not alone. That life was all around us. That we were here. That they were here.

Until they were no longer.

No more sounds, just silence.

Life as we knew it replaced by the stillness of death.