I am inspired by compassion, strength, independence, authenticity and grace.

My Mom will forever be an inspiration to me. She was authentic, unapologetically flawed, loyal, loving, resilient and fun. She surrounded herself with strong, independent women who loved to laugh and always showed up for one another. She inspired me to create a network of fabulous, interesting women in my life. All different. All real. All a part of my foundation of support showing up in different ways, at different times, with different lessons.

Alicia Keys inspires me to be authentic and open. I recently read an interview in which she describes her commitment to constantly discovering, relearning, and deciding again who she wants to be. I love this notion of fluidity of soul, spirit, purpose. Who do I want to be today? Never stuck. Never stagnant. Each day a new opportunity to decide who I will be and how I will approach my life..

Maya Angelou inspires me to be resilient. To rise and rise again. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings inspired me to use my voice in meaningful ways and with purpose and strength. To stand up for myself and others. To use my words to try and support, lift up and empower.

Maggie Lippman, my Grandmother’s best friend, taught me to find solace in nature, gardening, cooking and spirituality. To believe in what we can not see. In her 80’s she was completely of herself. Blue jeans, no make up, gardening, garnishing grilled salmon with fresh raspberries and flowers from her yard, teaching me that our spirits continue on….that our bodies are like space suits and when our spirit is ready for the next adventure it leaves the space suit behind. She taught me that those we love never truly leave us and if we get quiet and open enough we can feel them in a breeze, see them in a butterfly, a flower, or even in a song.

Who inspires you? Write down people who inspire you and the reasons why. Think about and identify the ways you can you assimilate those qualities that you admire into your life, (be it kindness, perseverance, creativity, true grit, bravery….), and then mindfully do so. Be inspired. Live inspired.