Show up. Show up raw. Show up vulnerable. Show up uncertain. Show up angry. Show up desperate. Show up broken. Show up because you are still here. Show up because you will not be defined by your loss. Show up because the suffocating, isolating hell of deep grief is not permanent. Show up for yourself. Show up to honor the life that was lost. Show up because you have more to do.

Show up for yourself.

You matter.

Your life matters.

Find purpose. Find meaning. Find connection. Find gratitude.

All are buried deep beneath the sorrow.

Find your way out of the darkness one step at a time. Be patient with yourself. There will be times when one step feels like too much. Rest. Be patient. Honor yourself. Try again. THERE IS NO TIMELINE. THERE IS NO ONE WAY OR RIGHT WAY TO GRIEVE. Just show up. Just keep trying. You can and you will move through deep grief. You will. You may not understand the why, the what’s the point, now, but one day when the fog of deep grief lifts and the light begins to shine through you will know that showing up was worth it.