I awaken to find myself missing…

Missing the comfort of not knowing…

Just how lonely life can be.

Just how deafening the absence of voice can be.

Just how chilling the absence of touch can be.

It is entirely human to take for granted that unconditional love and support will always be.

That the mundane day to day will be everlasting.

That there will always be another conversation, reassuring touch, glance, gesture.

Missing the ease of conversation, the joy of laughter, the contentment of true connection.

Missing the calls to check in, the quiet moments, the shared obligations and routines.

Missing the bond the carried us through good times and bad.

Missing the sacred gift of being seen, valued and accepted, exactly as you are, with an open heart and mind.

The longing so powerful.

The remembering bittersweet.

The missing a companion forevermore.