Although your Mom is no longer physically here and the typical ways of connecting are no longer a part of your daily relationship dynamic your connection remains and can be sustained (differently). She is no longer physically here to guide, support, call, hug, challenge. So where is she and who are you without her physically here? She is everywhere. She is within. Her wisdom, lessons, idiosyncrasies, flaws, strengths, values, and rituals remain. Everything that was unique to her and to your relationship remains accessible to you always. 

Practice intentional presence. Creating and holding moments. Close your eyes. Breathe. Breathe in space for healing. Breathe out the heaviness of grief. Clear your mind. Sit in gratitude. Thank your Mom for the lessons. Identify what your relationship taught you. Did your relationship teach you the importance of family, open communication, showing up, personal accountability, unconditional love and acceptance? Did you learn these lessons by what she did or did not do? Take a moment to thank your Mom for teaching you through her example who you choose to be.

Living beyond loss isn’t easy. Whether you have unfinished business (much left unsaid or resolved) or no regrets at all, how you choose to grow from your relationship is entirely up to you.

There is no perfect parent-child relationship as there is no perfect person. When you consider your relationship, consider it a foundation for growth.  Thank your Mom for being human. For showing you the qualities you wish to embrace as you navigate memories of how she did (or did not) provide you a roadmap for your life’s journey. 

Ground yourself in self-love. Embrace the duality of love and sorrow. Vulnerability and strength. Fear and courage. Anger and grace. Rise and be the best version of yourself in gratitude to your Mom and in love for yourself.

Sit comfortably.

Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Breathe in calm and clarity. 

Breathe out pain and suffering.

Breathe in slowly space for healing. Breathe out slowly the heaviness of grief.

Sit in gratitude.

Thank you.

Thank you Mom  for being human. Thank you for showing me who I want (don’t want) to be.

Thank you for teaching me who I choose to be through your example.

Inhale grace and acceptance.

Exhale pain and loss.


Hold the moment. 


Release the moment in strength, in calm, with gratitude.