My inner voice keeps me going. It helps me to stay focused, to reset, to begin again. My inner voice encourages me to keep trying and to be more compassionate and patient with myself. Sometimes it’s the voice of my mother, other times it’s the voice of my inner therapist, teacher, coach or guide.

You can do this. Just breathe. Keep at it. You will be okay. One day at a time. The right words at the right time to carry me through the highs, the lows, and the normal day to day uncertainties. I am fortunate to have family, friends, and colleagues that support, encourage, and teach me, yet, time and time again I find myself turning to my inner voice. It’s the voice that got me through the loss of my Mom in my twenties, You will be okay. She is always with you. She wants you to be strong, happy, healthy and to live a full and meaningful life. It’s the voice that encouraged me to go to graduate school immediately following her death, You’ve got this. Go forward. Find what’s meaningful. And, it’s the voice that cheered for me as I completed graduate school and got my first job doing family preservation work as a new bride, in my new home, far from my family and friends, Good for you. You can do this. You will be great. Believe in yourself. This voice was essential during my first years of mothering without my mother. I had so much self doubt. So much fear. Was I doing it right? Are they okay? Why are they crying and when will they stop?! You are doing just fine. There is no such thing as perfect. They are loved, safe, and happy. You are a good mom. My inner voice told me when it was time to go back to work, You are ready. It is time to try something new. Just prepare, show up, and do your best. Trust yourself. My inner voice continues to coach and encourage me through the vulnerabilities of launching my website There is a need for this resource. Your message is encouraging, supportive, and empowering. Be patient. Keep at it. And thankfully my inner voice was with me, comforting me, as I flew home, leaving my son at college 1200 miles from home, This is what you want for him. He is good. You have given him the foundation and the tools. He’s got this. You do too.

What does your inner voice tell you? Is it offering encouragement and validation or criticism and judgement? You are in control. You get to set the tone and decide the message. If your inner voice is not encouraging replace it with one that is. Life is hard enough. Be sure to foster an inner voice that reminds you just how brave you are for showing up, for trying, and when appropriate, for letting go.